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Sooner or later, regardless of the situation, everyone faces water damage and needs to clean up the mess. With quick reactions and thought, you can tackle the job yourself. However, not all homeowners have the skills and tools to handle such a job. This is where the expertise of water damage remediation professionals like Graceful Solutions comes in handy.

If you are from Martinsburg, WV and have recently experienced flooding in your home, call us. Water damage remediation is a critical step in restoration. Our professionals take care of homes and commercial spaces every day, so they are always ready to assist you and answer your questions.

Here is a brief overview of our service so you know what you are getting. Let’s dive in.

What is remediation?

Reversing water damage involves 3 phases: mitigation, remediation, and restoration. Our company performs all three of them. The remediation phase covers cleaning, drying, sanitizing, and repairing. It is a critical part of the process and serves to connect the initial cleanup with the final restoration.

How does the process work?

Every job progresses from water damage mitigation to restoration through 5 steps: complete water removal, precise moisture monitoring, cleaning and sanitizing, final drying, and pre-restoration repairs. This last step must be completed before the final restoration. It can include salvaging the ceilings, drywall, and floors.

When you face a situation, do not gamble with your safety but call the experts at Graceful Solutions in Martinsburg, WV. Our technicians make it easier for you by explaining exactly how work will proceed. They give you a schedule that allows you to adjust your timetable and perform the clean-up with in-house specialists whose work will exceed your expectations.

To learn more about this service or discover the other solutions we can offer, call us at (540) 535-9647. We will be happy to assist you!